What is Haiku Onslaught?

As some will have noticed, every now and then I post a huge slew of haikus, one after the other, with no context given. This page is to provide the context.

Haiku onslaught is an idea that came to me a while back. Essentially, during periodd of hyper intensity (when I have a million and one ideas floating around in my head), I lose a lot of the best ideas because I snatch one from the air and focus on it for too long. However, writing each idea down in simple note form didn’t allow any of them to blossom, and thus the ideas died a slow death that way too. Essentially, I was losing inspiration during these bouts, and to quite a severe degree.

Haiku onslaught changes that. Each idea is given a small space to sprout, but not enough time is spent on any one haiku for the idea to achieve it’s full potential to any degree. Indeed, most of the haikus end up being rather poor poetry, simply because they are bastardisations of the haiku form that I am utilising to retain ideas. But what’s important is that the poetic essence, however nonsensical it is, is still kept. Later, when I want to write but can’t think what to write about, I’ll read through the haiku onslaught tag. Ideas and phrases from these haikus eventually end up in longer works. This means that I can work to my full potential.

But if these are just fancy notes, why am I posting them publicly? Well, the internet has a short attention span and likes things to be short and sweet. A catchy phrase thought up in 2 seconds will get more attention and more “likes” than a poem that I’ve laboured over for an hour. I post these as a way of getting more followers, getting feedback on which haikus are catchier than others, and just in general because I like the attention. Yes, I am a terrible person.