Facebook is Losing Friends

Note: this is a piece of coursework from last year, submitted and marked for my IGCSE diploma. I have not made any edits to the work contained. This piece was meant to argue a particular point, in response to an article given to us by our teacher that concerned itself with Facebook losing popularity and the reasons for this. Apologies as I can’t find the same article, though if I do I’ll update this post. This post is intended to give [I]GCSE students a feel for what kind of work is expected of them as part of this kind of coursework. However the contents may still be of interest to non-students who simply want to acquaint themselves with the topic broached.

So with that in mind, enjoy!

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Virtual Reality and the Omni Virtuix

Note: this was a piece of IGCSE coursework, that I have not touched up since last year. I don’t plan on touching it up, though as far as I am aware the information is still true. Hopefully by putting this up it can help students get a feeling of the kind of quality an [I]GCSE piece of coursework needs to be, or at the very least provide some interesting reading material for anybody new to the subject. Due to the nature of this work, I did not reference any of the information in it – the IGCSE does not request that essays be properly referenced.

With that in mind, please enjoy the piece!

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Memories – A Short Story

Note: I wrote this last year for a piece of IGCSE coursework. I have yet to touch it up, and may rewrite the themes and ideas as a longer and more elaborate piece of prose to publish later. As it is, this is just the rough product of a frantic night of pulling coursework together and of a strict 500-800 word limit of a story – which I still withhold was way too small of a limit for anybody to try to get even a slight sense of character and plot within, at least at the level that we were at. I hope that this can be helpful to anybody trying to get a feel for [I]GCSE coursework, and if not at the very least be slightly enjoyable.

So with that in mind, proceed as you will, but with an open mind.

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