Pitch Perfect 2 lives up to its Acca-lades

…and I’d like to start this review apologising for that terrible pun. You’ll have to forgive me for being a tad giddy: musicals tend to have that effect on me. 
Right from the go there were high expectations for this sequel. The first film garnered somewhat of a cult followings despite an initial lack of success in the box office. It was only natural that with so many eager fans and with such a passionate cast a sequel would be created. But it was always going to be a challenge to meet the demands of the fans.

Without wishing to spoil the story too much (as it is still being released in cinemas), the plot focuses around the Bellas trying to find their sound again amidst a dramatic failure of a performance, a revoking of their right to participate in collegiate level accapella competitions, and Beca being a responsible adult (ie: actually planning a career for when she graduates). 

The story isn’t really the focus though with these kinds of films, as we simply want to go in, have a few laughs, and come out feelings satisfied while humming a tune from the soundtrack. However surprisingly, much like the first film, some of the characters actually have depth. Sure the story is still predictable as ever (though there were a few twists that threw me I’ll be honest), but I actually liked all of the characters, or at least understood where they were coming from.

My one point of criticism would be that the Latina character dialogue entirely consists of jokes about how terrible her life back home is, and has zero characterisation to the point where I don’t actually remember her name. But overall it’s a well crafted film with marvellous choreography, a soundtrack to die for and touching moments of honesty from almost all the characters.