Way Back When

You come into this room of mine
The walls as white as snow
You come and you paint it in all
The colours that you know

But you only sleep at day
You only breathe at night
So why oh why did I trust you
To show me where’s the light?

I need to find a way to say to turn yourself away
I need to talk I need to walk until I start to pray

You said that this was normal
To want to burn it down
You said that I should want to scream
But darling there’s no sound

I cannot be seeing you
Your bones are whiter now
Your little eyes are blinded, you
Have shrunk into the ground

I’ve broken all my mirrors, so you can stay away
There’s nothing left to be depressed, no animal,
No prey.

Photo from Jyoti Vishwakarma‘s Burning the Past


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