Open Palms Have Two Sides

I don’t know what happened,
But I fell deep in love with red hot hate.
Please, let me hold your hands
– back, so you can’t stop me.
Let me kiss your cheek softly
– with these cold white fists.
My heartbeat reaches this panic this pace, this furore
This ache means I can’t even think when around you.
I beg – for forgiveness, and when given it
I’ll do it again with ease.

I don’t know what happened
But I fell, deep, in love, with red hot hate.
I’m trapped, all I know are his hands.
Though I swear that he was, once, gentle with me,
But alas, he fed me sweet lies, deluded me softly;
And smashed the illusion, with fists
Bloody. How can you hide from his furore
When it is all that surrounds you?
If I saw but a single exit, escape, even slight, I’d take it –
God, I’d do it right now with ease.


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