Mr and Mrs Harrisons’ Terribly British Breakfast

Good morning Harold, care for some tea?

Yes please, and do we have some biscotti?

Indeed. Your tea: Chai, darjeeling, British (from China)?

British, no milk, though a spoon of cane sugar.

And to eat? A croissant, a danish, a toasted baguette?

I’ll grab a panini on the tube, don’t fret.

Well in that case shall we have lunch together?

Kebab, curry? There’s that new place with pizza.

Sounds good, and remember: I’m taking the Toyota today.

Okay dear. Pass the papers, let’s see what they say.

Right here, there’s a good few pages on the Royal family

Ah, the Saxe-Coburgs – who doesn’t love British royalty?

And look here, Ikea’s got sales on those stands for TVs.

Oh heavens above – here’s one on those damned refugees.

Why let them in? You know, they’ll poison Great Britain.

And we must protect our culture from all that is foreign.


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