Grave Affairs

As I wandered a graveyard in early July
I spotted one gilded with gold
And carved from marble – ah, this woman was loved!
So read the characters written in bold:

Beneath this lieth the Body
of Mary Lewis Grand,
Beloved wife to Edward David,
who sadly Departed this life
January the 12th 1858
Of age 40 years
“How sweet and precious was this life to me
That I rued the day I’d stop living
But sweeter yet shall my afterlife be
With the forgiveness of a Heavenly King.”

This sinless saint did ask for forgiveness
And I did indeed question why
‘til my gaze fell upon grave tucked away
On which my starved eyes did pry:

Beneath this lieth the Body
of Samuel John Aram
Once trusted friend to Edward David
who thankfully Departed this life
February the 17th 1858
Of age 43 years
“My final bed shall be as warm as in life
For though I ne’er took wife in hand
Beneath this Body did many a time
Lieth that same of sweet Mary Grand!”


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