The Round Robin

A bird flew into our class today. It was a robin, I think, judging from its orange belly and slight size. We had been talking about religions, Christianity in particular, and something to do with rituals and practices in these. I was tired, and shivering because the maintenance crew hadn’t yet fixed the heating system in our class. There we were, half asleep and barely listening, when in flew a robin. It was lost I suppose, as it fluttered up into the rafters – it’s an old building you see. The teacher stopped the class because a couple of people got upset about the bird.
“Pull the blinds down,” he said, “and switch that light off Matthew.” He left one window open. It would pull the robin out of the classroom, he claimed. Something to do with how birds escape caves.
Matt switched the light off and we watched as the bird was slowly drawn, eventually fluttering out. It was surreal. Reality had seeped into our classroom for just a moment, jolting us awake once more.
But by then class was over, and we went our separate ways.


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